And so it begins, People across the UK need to know what is happening, need to sign the petition to try and stop/reverse the abolishment of disability living do that we need everyone everywhere to share the petition @…Read More

on average we are now reaching over 500 people signing the petition against disability living allowance being abolished. over 42000 people…Read More

A fair System for all

nearly nearly 180 thousand members are now on this cause page, all it could take at this point would for less then half of those member to sign the petition @ and we would be well over 100 thousand people needed. So if you can do one thing for all the…Read More

protests are happening across the UK this month, most seem to be on the 16th but if you wish to take part then please check out the link below for one near you. I will be at the Manchester protest, hope to see some of you their

A victim of the current government

Michael had Motor neurone disease and he started to panic when the threats began. He kept saying they are going to take our homes and money because we are ill. He asked for help to die but his family could not bear to lose him. So instead he starved himself to…Read More

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