I noticed that many charities treat their supporters and donors in abnormal way. The donors have the right to be informed about the charity activity, they have the right to ask how their donation was spent.It is actually the obligation of a charity to publicly provide, transparently and visibly the previous years' financial statements. 

Here you can see The financial statements updated for 2012 for ROLDA.


I noticed that the PayPal button is visible, but I rarely see a registration number visible...but extremely rare the financial records. I don't know why most of the charities treat this subject like being some sort of secret.

I make again a pledge to invite all the charities to transparently post their financial records in respect to their supporters, who help these rescuers be active and useful for the needed animals. 

The annual incomes/expenses for 2012 were in RON (Romanian currency) Incomes – 1,572,512 RON  and Expenses – 1,646,836 RON    

While the budget for 2013/2014 is 680,000 EUR, the estimated revenues for the current fiscal year will not be even half of this amount. I hope we will reach our goals thanks to your donations, sponsorships, other type of grants and bequests.

If you want to make a contribution to our work, please go to your PayPal account and donate to this email address:[email protected]

Thank you for standing by us! ROLDA team

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