To help the Native Americans & Indigenous People in every way possible against the injustices, hate crimes, and racism they face each day for many years!

I am setting this up to help Native Americans and Indigenous People fight against the injustices that have repeatedly plagued them and help them obtain their rights. This genocide and Hollocaust has gone on long enough. To show others the truth and what is going on. I hope to do fundraisers in the future and help financially. To awaken people to this great heritage and spirituality. To teach. To show the injustices against them. to preserve these sacred people and their heritage. to raise awareness of the horrors committed against them just because they are different and accused to be savage due to ignorance. To help them survive and have a future. Please "HELP ME HELP THEM!" Many blessings and Mitakuye Oyasin/ Namaste.<3

Spinning Star Catcher
Nikki Hotaling-Docter ([email protected])


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