Sasha Dichter
Sasha Dichter Campaign leader

Hi everyone!

Though I've been in touch with many of you
individually, I've not reached out to this whole group in quite a
while.  So let me start by wishing everyone a very happy and healthy new
year.  I hope the start of 2013 has been fabulous for you, wherever you

I had a great start to…Read More

James Wu
James Wu Campaign leader

We thought you might enjoy this moving Generosity Day video by our friends at The Jubilee Project which asks the question "What is Love?"…Read More

James Wu
James Wu Campaign leader

Hi all - Just two days until Generosity Day! The buzz is growing by the hour as the big day approaches. Let's get as many people talking about this over the next 24 hours as possible. If you have 5 minutes this Sunday or Monday, could you reach out and invite at least 5 people to take the pledge to…Read More

Let's flood this page with photos and videos of people all over the world saying "Yes" and doing something generous for Generosity Day. Take 2 minutes and tell us what you did!

James Wu
James Wu Campaign leader

Please take 5 minutes and help us spread the word aboutGenerosity Day!

Here’s all you need to do:

Post on Facebook: I love this idea of making Valentine's Day more than just a Hallmark holiday. On Tuesday, people around the world are rebooting Valentine’s Day for good as Generosity Day! I'm in!…Read More

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