January 14, 2010 our rescue cats and our pet cats were seized with an illegal warrant based upon a fabricated probable cause affidavit. This seizure was a conspiracy with the Indiana Department of Child Services because my husband and I refused to allow this caseworker to open a case on our family.

This illegal seizure was brought about AFTER my husband and I refused the first time to an open case, AFTER CPS unsubstantiated all allegations against our family and AFTER CPS spoke with us 4 more times asking us to allow her to open a case on our family.

We run a no kill cat shelter and this caseworker used this against my family. This caseworker, to get her much desired open case told her supervisor and the director that we were cat hoarders. To make that seem legitimate she had to get animal control to back her and remove the cats based on whatever they could get a judge to believe. She got her much wanted open case with lies, deceit and much pain upon my family.

February 1, 2010, because no animal abuse was found the animal control officer instead of returning the cats to us he murdered all 15 of them. In a court of law he stated the reason for euthanizing these cats is "because Mrs. Lee never returned for them." This is the same animal control officer that told my husband and me a bench warrant would be issued for our arrest and that we would then be able to speak to the judge about getting the animals back.

Along with the rescue cats, 4 of our pet cats were also seized and murdered. The oldest pet cat was 10 years old, the youngest was 18 months.

We are seeking justice for the cats, our children and the future for no kill rescues and pet owners. We are suing Pro Se but need a well experienced attorney to take this case to make these people pay for the abuse upon these cats and our children. However, suing the government is not cheap. The attorney needs a $7000 retainer fee to file an appearance and take over.

We are having fundraisers to raise this money but we are pressed for time and need the worlds help to get this done. This however, will not stop with us. If we win this lawsuit for what we are asking for we will put up a legal fund to help those that have been wrongly affected by CPS and/or animal control.

Enough is enough, this non caring of someone else love must stop, our cats should not have died just so a caseworker can have a job. I hope you can donate just a few dollars to our cause to get justice for our kitties and get new laws changed to protect the future of all animals, pet owners and rescues trying to do good in their communities.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will go on, but a part of us died on February 1, 2010, we don't want you to have to ever go through this.

Samantha and family


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