The power that fuels the animal charities are their supporters. With them, the love and commitment for the animals wouldn't be enough to rescue animals in desperate need of immediate assistance. As much as some of the rescuers prefer dogs company instead of other humans' company, as a charity you can't grow stronger without the support of other people. People with the same goal interact, connect and make the dreams come true. I set up a new Facebook page where people adopting a Romanian dog are welcomed to post a photo with their dog. All of you are invited to "vote" by giving a "like" and photo with the most "likes" wins. To enter the"photo contest", we ask a donation of 2 EUR to support our cause.

We need a sponsor for the "photo contest" It can be a company 'representative offering dogs related supplies, or one of you donating an item as a "prize".

Speaking of items' donations, I remind you that our Museum of Dog is in dire need of more donated items, dogs related items from ID tags to paintings, art, collectible.

Once you become a member of this Facebook page we can start sharing fundraising ideas for the dogs in our care as well as many others which we will be able to save,once the budget increase.Previous years offered us a simple explanation of our success - we do it together, saving each street dog in need of our attention at a time.

Please continue to stand by us and let's make more dreams reality! For a dog, having a safe home - it's like a dream come true.

Many, many thanks! ROLDA team

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