Malala started campaigning for the education of girls in Swat valley of Pakistan at the age of eleven. She first rose to prominence by keeping a diary on a BBC blog about the Taliban control of the region and the problems for education of girls. Since then, Malala has been advocating through multiple mediums for the accessibility of education to all. On October 9th, 2012, she was shot in head by Taliban on her way home after attending school. At present, she is recovering from the injuries and still ambitious to live out her mission and promote worldwide education. 

Malala Yousazai's actions stand as the beacon of hope for millions of humans around the world. By defying the Taliban's ban on education for women, writing and speaking against it and being ready to face barbaric force with honest commitment for a simple human right, she has brought Alfred Nobles will to life.

Alfred Nobel's will states: 'Whosoever shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses". These words are also the guiding principle for selecting Nobel Peace Laureates. Malala greatly exudes these values and has proven her dedication to creating international peace.

"I think of it often and imagine the scene clearly. Even if they come to kill me, I will tell them what they are trying to do is wrong, that education is our basic right." Says Malala Yousafzai envisioning a confrontation with the Taliban.

Malala Yousafzai truly deserves Alfred Noble's peace prize and we at Let's Educate Pakistan are convinced that with your help and support, the honorable Norwegian Noble Committee will recognize her for the same.

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