We MUST build the fortress to house the cats

Frisky Felines Foundation is a 501(c)(3) true NO kill cat shelter geared to keeping cats and their family together and keeping as many cats out of kill shelters as we can. We also want to help cat owners with expenses they need help with such as spay/neuter, vetting, food, etc.

We provide, adoptions, intakes and a permanency program for those facing the possibility of having to rehome their cat.

We have been small for a long time and have started the rescue out of our home learning what exactly our goals were going to be, what needs were out there and what we could best offer not to just cats but to families with cats as well as those who find cats and need help with them. The time to build is now. We are now in our 12th month of fundraising and developing our plans for our shelter. Though we love all cats and we love what we do, we are so ready for the cats to be able to enjoy a house of their own while awaiting their permanent homes.

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