To Protect our Heritage from Non Jains...

To Protect our Heritage from Non Jains...

This Cause is to Protect our Ancient and Old Jain Temples which are lying at the mercy of others......which are forcefully converted and which are on the way of conversion to other Religion Temples....We request every Jain people of any sect .....please come forward and join the Cause and give suggestions to Protect Our Rich Heritage...Jay Jinendra!!!

1. Save our Ancient Jain Temples & Care for Old Temples

2. Awareness among Jains about our rich and the oldest Heritage

3. Speak up for the Rights of Jains and demand for Jain Minority Status and as a separate religion in India

4. Demanding back our Jain Temples which are forcefully converted to Non Jain temples

5. Posting History Fact sheets and data about Great Jain Kingdoms and Civilizations | @ e-Storehouse *Download freely Jainism Precious Preaching & Devotional Psalm song [Still Downloaded 95,673 Times - Non-Profit portals]


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