Update on October 21, 2012

  • Update #9

We are up to 1140 signatures that is so so sad please see my comment from a little while ago. WE NEED YOU TO KEEP INVITING AND SIGN IF YOU HAVE NOT PRAYER ALONE CANNOT DO THIS HE NEEDS OUR ACTION AND ASSISTANCE AS WELL. YES PRAY BY ALL MEANS BUT PLEASE SIGN…Read More

Update on October 17, 2012

  • Update #8

We have reached the 900 mark plus. I know we can do even better. Please keep working on the invites and get your friends and family's to open their walls enabling them to get the invites sent to them. Bless you and thank you all for your faith, love and…Read More

Update on October 13, 2012

  • Update #6

Thank you and thank you.....we have now hit over 535 signatures thanks to you. We have a long way ahead but as Jamaicans you know you will get there..... Please keep inviting don't give in or up. I am working on a public note to address all the issues and…Read More

Update on October 12, 2012

  • Update #5

We are slowing up a bit 435 so we need to keep pushing. Yesterday a teen cut off his grandmother's head;.These are sick heinous violent crimes the worst our country has ever seen. Are you going to tell me a prayer alone for the teen is going to redeem him~…Read More

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