To raise awareness about the illegal killings of animals in Romania and to punish those who harm animals.

The European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals,was signed in 1987 and became effective on May 1, 1992, after at least four countries had ratified it. Adherence to the treaty is open and not limited to member countries of the Council of Europe.Romania has signed in June 23, 2003 , has ratified it August 6, 2004 and was implemented : March 1, 2005.
The law for animal protection in effect since January 2008 bans the euthanasia of healthy animals.
Yet the stray dogs management is to be regulated by a contradictory law, a huge step back by which the sanitary veterinarian authority ANSVSA reintroduces the killing of stray animals. Most veterinarians hired by ANSVSA kill dogs, illegaly...and the methods used to "euthanise " dogs, are far from the known one in civilized countries...most of the time these poor animals are electrocuted, beaten to death, killed by the dog catchers even before getting dropped ( literally) in the municipal pounds, where, by some outdated law ( 2001) the are "euthanised",after being kept for 5-7 days without food nor water...Thousands of strays have been shot, mercilessly by the hunter of Romania who have unlimited power to shoot whatever they want, when ever they want...Thousands of dogs have been poisoned not only by private citizens but also by the Pest Control Services in many cities, at the more or less direct order from the mayors...For more than 15 years animals are slaughtered in Romania with impunity...people beat their horses to death in full day light, in the middle of the roads...charges ?...some times just a symbolic fine...Individuals are caught on camera killing way..Most municipalities do not want to cooperate with International organizations for spay/neuter, do not want to invest money in spay/neuter programs...because...DOGS are a good source of making money...This is it...the more dogs on the streets to kill the better...
Most zoos in Romania, especially those in smaller towns where nobody cares to even visit are starving enclosures for the animals...
Ravaging hunting parties take place in Romania....because all other countries have tougher laws and regulations about hunting...
Thousands and thousands of puppies get in the pet stores and pet retail chain in Western Europe, well under age, with very questionable documents...many breeders , have become real puppy-millers, although they are members of the Romanian Kennel Club and one would expect that this organization has higher ethical and moral standards...many veterinarians are also breeders...The attitude of the Romanian Kennel Club is biased...only the best pure-breed dogs are worth something...when it comes to strays/mutts/mixed....they hate them...Veterinarians, some also work for the state, so they mostly kill dogs, and there are examples of veterinarians who are avid hunters, and they also enjoy, and praise them selves with shooting strays even in people's backyard...What attitude is this...normal the Vice-president of the College of Veterinarians is also the Vice-President of the Romanian Hunters Association, and the President of the same college, is a breeder and a veterinarian surrounded by a very dark cloud of "almost certain" suspicions...he kills strays en mass ...
We intend to keep everyone up-dated and to fight for the end of this slaughter.

1. Stop the killings of strays,promote spay/neuter campaigns

2. Apply the Law for the protection of animals.

3. Investigate every abuse and crime against animals and punish the perpetrators

4. Lobby, petition and email all levels of Government in Romania and th EU, for the full implementation of the European Convention for Animals Welfare

5. raise awareness about the immediate and major changes in the laws for the protection of wild life and zoo animals.


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