The current separation between Sexual Health (listed on the "Yes" safe for work menu) and Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transsexual Sex (listed on the "No" not safe for work menu due to nudity or adult content) sends the message: "non-heterosexual-related websites are not acceptable for viewing in public places." This implies heterosexuality is normal, while homosexuality and other sexual and gender variances are abnormal. By listing all LGBTQ-related topics separately, users must select "No" even if the link is safe for viewing in public places. For example, a user wants to share news articles about diversity among the LGBTQ community, same-sex parenting, transgender culture, or bisexual relationships. Even though none of the articles contain any graphic words or images, the user would be required to choose a category listed among those not safe for work. Once again, this practice reinforces the message, "only websites catering to the heterosexual community are acceptable for viewing in public places while all other sites are not."


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