Our transit shelter needs support in order to become a much safer place for dogs and puppies. We need to build separate outside small yards with dog houses and arrange a cabinet for medical checks as well as getting medical supplies (vaccines, medicines for ill doggies etc.).

Many puppies are again in our transit shelter waiting for their happy homes. We need help for fencing little rooms in order to prevent them getting ill and/or isolate them for treatments.

And we have as well many cats and kittens standing by their adoption overseas and need to make their attic little more comfortable and to treat the ones with health troubles.

Please help us by DONATING for our transit shelter. The smallest amount counts so much for the welfare of these poor souls. Please SHARE. Thank you very much!

PAYPAL Email: [email protected] 
PAYPAL: http://www.helpinganimalsromania.de/ PAYPAL:http://www.helpinganimalsromania.org/en/

You can check our work on: www.helpinganimalsromania.de and www.helpinganimalsromania.org . All donations and invoices will be posted here and on HAR Facebook page:


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