TELL 5 FRIENDS TO TELL 5 OTHERS & we will make 1 million people aware that more people die from heart disease than anything else - including cancer.

Heart diseases and heart attacks kill more:

* CHILDREN than anything else (including injury, accident, cancers, etc);

* MEN than the next 3 causes combined (including cancer, injury and accident); and

* WOMEN than the next 11 causes combined (including breast cancer)!

Knowing about this helps saves lives - ignoring it causes unnecessary deaths.

Many people are not even aware they, or someone they know, have a Heart Disease (either from birth or acquired later). Knowing some simple things about the heart and how to reduce the risk may save your life or someone else's.

Some things the World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified that you can do to reduce your risk include:

* Reducing Blood Pressure (less stress & coffee);

* Reducing Cholesterol & Obesity (healthy eating & living);

* Avoiding Smoke & Limiting Alcohol.

We aim to make 1 million people aware of the leading cause of all deaths - and the importance of diet and lifestyle in reducing the risks - saving lives in the process.

By making more people aware, we can achieve 3 things to help save lives:

1. Help people reduce the risk of acquiring heart disease;

2. Help advocate for more funding and research into heart disease

... both acquired heart disease and congenital heart disease

3. Support charities & organizations helping people impacted by heart disease

To help improve & save lives of those important to you, tell your friends to join this global heart awareness causeby inviting their Facebook friends through this site.

If you wish to get more information and get more actively involved, go to to see other things to improve heart health - and be part of a simple project to improve your heart health.

If you tell 5 friends, who each tell 5 friends, we only need to have that done 7 more times to exceed our target of 1 million people aware.


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