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Every LGBT should have access to quality health services, quality education, equal employment, equality before the law, freedom of speech  and respect.. With this belief, LGBT VOICE Tanzania started the LGBT visibility  project, a new project dedicated to making sure LGBT are visible in the new Tanzanian Constitution. Supporting this project isn't about donating money only; it's about donating…

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Your support fuels our progress in the fight for LGBT visibility in Tanzania. When you donate to the Alliance for Global Justice, you are helping us: Ensure that grassroots fighting for equality in Tanzania gets funded  Provide help and support to people who are victims of Homophobia. Advocate for the new Tanzanian constitution to recognize LGBT people  We need your help to finish the…

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Sign this pledge to support LGBT visibility in the new Tanzanian constitution, created in partnership with Alliance for Global Justice. Tanzania is a member and a subscriber of the United Nations Human Rights Declaration but does not comply with its international human rights obligations and has no protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.…

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