Wolf hunting is not needed in Michigan! With less than 700 wolves across the span of 96,720 sq miles, how could anyone claim that they need to be hunted? After 50 years and millions of dollars of tax payer money and donations made to repopulate the wolves, the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Department of Natural Resources, and other organization like them, are now trying to hunt down the very wolves we fought so hard to bring back from the brink of extinction.

Michigan may not accept online petitions (a smart move since that unfortunately puts a halt  on a lot of anti-wolf hunting advocacy efforts), but that doesn't mean that we can't make our voices heard!

In signing this petition you are agreeing with the following statement:

"We the undersigned desperately urge you to take all of the aforementioned information into mind and take a position against wolf hunting in Michigan, before it's too late for the wolves, before it's too late for us all. Please at the very least consider signing the petition that is trying to request a referendum on the ballot in 2014 that could allow voters to choose whether or not to enact the legislature's law to legalize the senseless recreational killing of wolves. 



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