My very good friend Melodee Nevers of Estero Florida posted this today......A Sad week. I read alot of positive notes on FB and I never thought I would have to post something sad on here. I have a small group of chickens, a duck, etc on my little piece of property I call McMel's. They are my pets, raised from babies. T...hey harm no one and I love coming home to them. I am now asking if anyone out there loves animals and can help my pets out. I have been turned into Lee Co Code Enforcement and my lovely birds must go to loving homes. Am wondering how many other people have had to do the same thing?
In a world going Green, how can we get the code changed in Lee County? to allow fowl in RES-1 like Bonita Spring Florida has. Thank you for reading and any help.
  Is there a way we all could get this to change so she can keep her feathered friends.

We need to change the zoneing laws in Lee County Fla to allow for small poultry flocks. They contribute to the community by producing food, pest control of garden bugs, weed control, manure for composting and general good health for the owner. Chickens and ducks of a small scale are not a comparison to those in CAFO. CAFOs produce livestock for feeding humans, produce toxic waste and deface the envirnment. The backyard flock is more akin to a pet such as a dog or cat, plus they produce eggs for consumption, rid the area of garden bugs and weeds, and produce rich compost.

Lets help Melodee keep her flock of pets and change the zoneing laws of Lee County Fla.


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