The Rabbits Need Your Voice!   "Rabbits' eyes bulge because of either fear or pain"

This is not a Petition, Please File a Complaint:

Please copy and paste the complaint letter below along with the Rodeo References & add a personal (Respectable) note on the end, then send it to the email addresses provided here: [email protected][email protected][email protected] 


 I am writing you today as a concerned citizen. There are events taking place atyour local Rodeos called "Rabbit Scrambles". This event is a concern as it is extremely harmful to the rabbits involved, both emotionally and physically as they are chased after, stepped on and pulled. It is also sending a terrible message to children about how animals are seen and treated. Referencing Video footage of these events, you can see this is not one isolated Rodeo.

Rabbits have a very fragile bone structures to make them light and fast, so grabbing them by a leg or dropping them most surely causes broken bones-that very likely go untreated or broken backs which caused paralysis or death.  As prey animals, being chased is one of the worst things you could do to them, so not only did they have to survive being improperly handled, chased or accidentally stepped on, they also are literally running for their lives in fear which is basically torture. 

When rabbits are treated well and given care and respect, they are outgoing, full of personality and are wonderful house pets to millions of people and they are considered a family pet.  However, after the treatment the rabbits atthese events have received, it is a wonder that any have survived...or made it through the first year.  A frightened rabbit can bite & kick which can result in injury to the child or broken bones or back in the rabbit. Rabbits typically live 10+ years when cared for properly. 

It is our Opinion this unnecessary cruelty must stop. I am asking you to stand with me and make sure this event does not take place again in your County. Please contact your local rescue groups to come and be on hand to educate

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