According to Gabrielle's Mother, she was Alerted just in time!

We feel Gabrielle is an Exceptional Example to Humanity and should be rewarded for her compassion and quick logical action when alerting her Mother to help this innocent little baby bunny, instead of following others who appeared to have torture and death in mind.      

Gabrielle is Way Cool, and we are so proud of her!   Decades of evidence show that a child's attitude toward animals can predict future behavior.  Teaching our kids to respect and protect even the smallest and most despised among us is one of the most important life lessons that we can pass along to them. It helps them learn to value one another — and it prevents violence.  

If a small child already knows what cruelty is, its certainly conceivable that all of us can work together and do something about stopping it.   


Christine Lea Christine's Critter Cafe  &  All Animal Advocates/Rescuers     

Things we can all do when we see an animal in danger:

Don't touch: Never try to stop a person hurting an animal by yourself or try to help an animal who is hurt. Even though both situations can be upsetting, they can put you in a dangerous situation.  

If your a Child or Teen, get an adult: Find help from someone like your mom, dad, teacher, or trusted neighbor. Tell them what you saw and together, find help.   

Call for help: If you witness animal abuse, (adults call) child/teens have your parent or guardian call 911 because it is an emergency. If you notice an animal not being cared for properly, your parent or guardian should call animal control. 


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