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MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA Rescue 2013 –Planning for the adults and adolescents on site. (Some babies have been removed and are safely housed indoors with Rabbit Haven. Temporary Fosters and safe housing are needed until permanent Fosters are found.

The Martinez site is a desolate and unhappy place for rabbits. The caregiver found one dead today. We have reports that many 3-4 week old babies are picked off by hawks and other predators as soon as they emerge from burrows. They have no human interaction, no love or support just for them. They are unappreciated. The rabbit have no choice but to burrow to find suitable nesting sites. This is a horse area and will soon pose a danger to the horses in this pasture. The property owners do not want to be involved (the rabbits are not theirs but rabbits that someone dumped in their pasture. They did give permission for rescue to take place. this is a big step in the rescue process.

The Haven rescue team is in place. Next, we need the triage site, a safe place where bunnies can stay in appropriate housing, be separated into male and female groups, be treated and come and go for vet & spay/nueter apts. The triage site is currently being arranged with local people so we can keep track of rabbits near by and have staff to feed and care for the rabbits as they are rescued. Staffing is begin set up by on site managers.Transport people are needed to take the rabbit from Martinez to and from the Four Paws clinic in Fremont. 

Post op support volunteers are needed to give meds post surgery and to ck surgical incisions, administer antibiotics as needed. Staff will be needed to change litter boxes, feed and water rabbits and shop for their greens.Supplies needed to carry out this rescue include: ten 24 or 30 inch tall x pens with covers of some kind (sheets and clips will do) or large dog crates, litter boxes, sheets for flooring, rabbit pellets, food water dishes, 28 Water bottles, Greens, and grooming essentials. One bale of hay.

Medical supply needed: Chlorhexaderm, 2 pints of TMS, Ponazuril, syringes, Critical Care and feeding syringes for that. Sub Q fluids. (Need 4-5 100 ML bags of LRS and kits). These rabbits are barely surviving. They have water and hay (from the horses that live there) and dirt or manure piles to live in – They more than likely have fleas or mites and possibly parasites. When we rescue, they each will be seen by vet tech, treated for mites and parasites; then go to spay and nueter- After that they are avail for homes.

(Permanent or foster). We need to help these rabbits. Let's pull together and get this done.The rabbits shown here are just the ones that were allowing photos to be taken. Rabbits can only fight to survive so long before they become exhausted and need to rest. That is when their guard is down and when they are the most vulnerable.

They will not last long in this environment. Please help us to care for these rabbits and move them to safety. 

Love, Auntie Heather 
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Thank you for your continued support, 

For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue

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