The island of CRETE once again at the TOP of ANIMAL CRUELTY in Greece!

This time, the locals poisoned at least 32 dogs, laying around & WITHIN the animal shelter that Mrs.Linda Lucas (British national) has established at the outskirts of the village of Kaina, near Vamos, since 2007. (You can watch her interview here: )

As this is a MULTIPLE and RECURRING crime against animals on the island of Crete, I think people who plan on visiting Crete as a tourist destination, should think again about their vacation place.

As tourism reveniews are the main source of income for most of the island, and as the locals (including Authorities) HAVE NOT TAKEN ANY ACTIONS against this situation EVER, I think the time has come for people to fianlly USE their spending money SOMEWHERE ELSE.

But ALSO, let the local Authorities KNOW the reason why Crete was NOT CHOSEN as a travel destination by you!

To start, you can send a LETTER of PROTEST for this incident at the following email addresses:
Manolis Skoulakis (Mayor): [email protected]
Municipality services: [email protected]
Office of Public Relations: [email protected]


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