ECI partners with local organizations that focus on mothers, children under five and infants by supporting the development of community-based preventative healthcare systems and practices. In addition to training healthcare professionals, ECI's grantees support the delivery of basic services(providing bed nets, education on importance of hygiene) and the development of insurance cooperatives that support women's access to health.

In our lifetime we have seen remarkable headway towards ending child mortality globally. In the past 50 years the global mortality rate has declined by 70%. In just the last 20 years the number of annual child deaths has fallen by 4.4 million each year.

Despite considerable progress in reducing child mortality globally, high rates of under-five deaths in the DRC persist. In what can be described as nothing less than an epidemic in DRC, 148 out of 1000 children will not reach five, according to USAID. In all, an estimated 465,000 children in Congo die each year from preventable disease like malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea.

This reality is abhorrent. Especially when the world possesses the tools and knowledge to save every one of these lives. Help us reduce needless child mortality through helping us support local organizations working to provide critical health services, supplies, and education in the DRC.

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