Join and invite friends to Petition the National Review Magazine to talk with Edwin Rutsch about their "Against Empathy" article.

The December issues of the National Review Magazine had an article about empathy called "Against Empathy" written by Kevin D. Williamson. I contacted the National Review editors and Kevin about doing an interview with them about their article. I'd like to empathically listen to and understand their their position on empathy, as well as, dialog about it. After initially saying they would do an interview, they stopped responding to my emails to line up a specific date and time for an interview.

I need your assistance to petition the National Review Magazine to talk with me about their article. I hope that if enough people sign the petition and email them, that they will talk with me.

See the article here:
National Review: "Against Empathy" by Kevin D. Williamson 

You can also email them requesting an interview with me at:
National Review Editors: [email protected]
Kevin D. Williamson: [email protected]

Also, join the Facebook Event Petition and invite friends here:

Why do you think they will not talk with me? 
Post you comments below.

I have reached out and talked with all sides of the political divide about the importance of empathy. Here are a few of the interviews I've done with Conservatives. 

* California Republican Party Convention
* Empathy with the SF Tea Party
* Restorative Empathy Circle with Democrats and Republicans

Thanks for your support on this!

Edwin Rutsch
Director: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

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