We're starting a new project using Empathic Human Centered Design process on the design challenge of: "How might we empathically redesign the spiritual-religious experience to better support our deepest values, needs, aspirations and dreams?" see http://facebook.com/events/572238412819404/

We are developing a non-denominational (Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, Sangha, Community, etc.) of Empathy. Everyone is welcome and it is open to all people from any religious, secular, etc. background. 

Redesigning the Spiritual Experience with Human-Centered Design
We will be developing the Church of Empathy using empathic human-centered design (also called design thinking). You can see this design process at the D.School at Stanford University. http://j.mp/1bZZcTb

Empathy is the centerpiece of the human centered design process. It involves forming a project team and empathizing with possible members and users. It involves gathering insights about peoples physical and emotional needs, and developing products, processes, experiences, etc. that address them. In this case we will be redesigning the spiritual experience. 

Let's recreate the spiritual religious experience to support empathic connection and all the values that flow from that like listening, caring, community, compassion, freedom, mutual support, creativity, innovation, peace, empathic action, (add your values) etc. etc.. 

See more and join the project team here: http://facebook.com/events/572238412819404/

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