Despite the fact that pit bulls are by far the most euthanized dog in U.S. shelters, nearly one million every year, the majority of you find them to be great dogs with the right caregiver as seen from our recent poll results ( On October 27, we are celebrating National Pit Bull Awareness Day by raising funds to support the spay and neuter of members of this notorious group of dogs.

Help us reduce the number animals that suffer a doomed life of abandonment and death by supporting the fix of a pit bull profiled on, an application of FiXiT. More than 700 pit bulls have been featured on our site. The caregivers of these dogs want to stop the cycle of unwanted pit bull puppies, but they need a little financial assistance.

For this Pit Bull Awareness Day, help us raise funds to fix 20 of these dogs in need. If we all take action, we can make the future of this group of dogs a little brighter. Every little bit counts!

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