J'ai connu en 1972 un jeune ornithologue français qui, en voyant le comportement des chasseurs au Liban, prédisait : "quand des gens utilisent ainsi leurs fusils, il ne faudra pas s'étonner lorsqu' ils les pointeront les uns contre les autres" . Et cela n'a pas tardé.

....the reason is simple and human: respect for all life and for the beauty of Creation.
God bless You all... warriors in a fair Case .

I simply love Animals!!!! Can u imagine world without them? And birds symbolize the freedom, courage and endurance. I can't believe how humans can kill these wonderful creatures and only for fun....I believe all people that have real heart should help to stop this killing. Thank u all for joining.

European Buzzard shot in Lebanon..for fun!

ENFORCE Hunting Laws in Lebanon ...STOP the Massacre !!

Very rare Griffon Vulture with an European Monitoring Tag..From Lebanon with Love..thank you

ENFORCE Hunting Laws in Lebanon ...STOP the Massacre !!
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