Race-Baiting is the making of threatening and non-threatening verbal attacks against individuals or members of a racial group or minority that directly or indirectly triggers violence and/or the destruction of property.  

Look at the hurt and damage this causes America, regardless of the advances toward cutting real racism. Here is an example how race-baiting can lead to murder:    

Massacre at Freddy's In Harlem - http://www.jewishpost.com/archives/news/massacre-at-freddys-in-harlem-fire-fueled-by-anti-semitism-kills-8.html

Al Sharpton's Long Bill of Goods - http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/06/03/al-sharpton-s-long-bill-of-goods-from-tawana-brawley-to-primetime.html


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