To enforce the law against dynamite/cyanide fishing!! Stop environmental terrorism!

Dear fellow divers, dive operators and nature lovers, please support our urgent plea in protecting our world heritage site "Komodo National Park, Indonesia.. although the park is currently protected by the park management authorities and the goverment of Indonesia, there are suspected evidences of reefs damaged by illegal dynamite fishing or large release cyanide in the area after the off season of 2011 & 2012.

It looks almost certain that there are fishermen operating in the park using illegal fishing method and causing serious damage to the protected reef in and within the park, particularly during the last two off season 2011 & 2012, for those whom have dived cannibal rock, and some other known reefs were partiallly destroyed by these irresponsible fishing methods. Nothing short of environmental terrorism!

please join us in this urgent petition and let our voice be heard by the local goverment and authorities involved, before our heritage vanishes..

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