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Ask Obama To Apologize To Vietnam Vets And Their Families

This campaign of having President Obama apologize to Vietnam Vets and all military soldiers having served in Wars/Conflicts/etc. is very important to me. In 1966-70, I worked with the Selective Service Systems (Draft Board) in Savannah, GA in the Federal Building. As a new bride and back from a year or so at college in another state, I had graduated with young men from the main high school in Savannah. We were "BLUE" and "PROUD;" but the graduation classes of Savannah High School were large (700+/-). There was a great majority of the young men I graduated with that either went into the military on their own or were drafted. The husband I married had just come home from six years in the military and although he had not served over in Vietnam, he was very important in this so-called 'conflict.' He was a proud member of the Air Force Band. The Air Force Band was being created -- created so as to serve the soldiers in the United States with the USO's and other performances to promote the American Soldier. My husband was a trumpet player. He wasn't enlisted to only perform in the AF Band; he was a soldier too. He had to run every morning with every other soldier; he had to go to classes as every other soldier has to; he had to do the job of a soldier and a performer. His job was not finished at 4PM in the afternoon when most soldiers go home; he flew to many cities in this United States to perform in parades in small towns/ big towns/ county fairs/ state fairs/ and then when they weren't performing in these events, he played private gigs for Commanders/ Congressmen/ Washington D C/ and other private and public affairs. However, one of the most important jobs he did in his six year hitch during the Vietnam War (Conflict) was to play Taps at the burial services of the fallen comrades who were brought home to be buried in their homeland. When he served or played his trumpet for those courageous great men who died for the freedom of all of us who did not have the privilege of serving our country. It was when I was employed by the Selective Service Systems that I, as a young married wife, began to realize some very astounding things. No, I did not serve my country by being in the military; but, yes I served the young men who registered for the Draft. I saw my friends who I graduated with come in and register; then their file was placed in a stack and their file given a number (I-A, 2-A, - - - I-F); then, the I-A's chosen to go to Vietnam. BUT, it was when I saw them returning in a "black body bags" to be buried here on their homeland for me to understand how horribly hard it must have been for my husband(and for so many others) to continue to serve their country. These were my friends, my brothers, all the fathers, uncles, boyfriends -- these were the heroes coming home! But they would never be able to say "Hi," to me any longer, go to dinner with their families, to be the father to the baby they left behind or to marry the girl of their dreams. Their lives were offered for my freedom and for yours. For this, President Obama needs to apologize to the Vietnam Vet. It is these men who came home to a Nation that did not recognize the job they did. This Nation never understood how much they gave for our freedom. They came home to businesses that would not hire them. After all, they "didn't go to college as MOST of the rich family's son did, and those sons had gotten out of the "draft" by means even that I, as an employee of Selective Service Systems, never understood. But it was this group of heroes who were spit upon, were put on disability if they had injury, but never trained for a job, never commemorated for their service to our country, walked the highways with torn clothing and nothing to eat, and/or turned to drugs for the comfort and love they missed as a returning Veteran hero. Oh YES, President Obama, their heroic service to the freedom of every American here necessitates your apology to them. While you studied in your schools, went to your ivy leagued universities, sat in those basketball games, drove your nice vehicles, married the girl of your dreams, had dinner with your family, and held the hand of your little one after they were born, these men prepared the way for you to become President. Do you care, President Obama, because if you do, you need to apologize to every Vietnam Veteran. They lived and died for you.

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