Since 2004, Israel has demolished 436 Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem, leaving 1,708 people homeless, according to the Israeli rights group B'Tselem.
Israeli authorities have also revoked the status of 14,084 Palestinian Jerusalemites since 1967, no longer permitting them to live in the city.
There are around 360,882 Palestinians in Jerusalem, or 38 percent of the city's population.
Israel has occupied East Jerusalem since 1967 and formally annexed the area in 1980 after passing the 'Jerusalem Law'.
Jerusalem is one of the key final status issues in any future peace agreement.

Jerusalemite citizen forced to demolish his own home: "I am unemployed at the moment and I have seven children. We are daily suffering from Israeli brutality," the Jerusalemite citizen stated.
A Palestinian was forced to demolish his own home in East Jerusalem on Monday after Israel issued a demolition order for his property. Daoud Eseid demolished his home to avoid paying the fees charged by Israeli authorities if Israeli forces had carried out the demolition, lens: Afif Amira

Jerusalemite citizen, Azzam Afifi, demolished his house, on Wednesday, to avoid his arrest or pay fine, in context of the occupation's continuing restriction policy against Jerusalemites.

Wadi Halawa information center quoted Ashraf Al-Halwani, the son of the house owner Rifat, as saying that Israeli-controlled municipality teams sealed the house with red wax in 1997.

Bulldozers of the Israeli municipality of  occupied Jerusalem Tuesday demolished a building and an animal barn in the East Jerusalem area, according to local sources.

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