How many mountains needed to be destroyed to reclame the sea, destroy the sea flora and fauna, prohibit the Public from its well-being and free shore access...?

The area of the new maritime seaside stretching between, Tripoli and al-Mina, is one of the rare maritime spaces that is still open for the public. The touristic project, which is supposed to be built over that spot, will reclaim around 700,000 meters of the sea's land, and kill what is left of the fauna and flora in the area and its surroundings.

The owners of the touristic project claim that it will create job opportunities for Tripolitans, which raises many unanswered questions of a practical nature (cliché reason).

We, as Lebanese and citizens residents of Tripoli, object to this project, since it will privatize the maritime coast, and transform it to a zone of profit for the rich and powerful.

 Yes for preserving the maritime seaside as a public space open for all.

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