How remember veterans if not remembering alls, remembering marines of Vietnam war? All we remember and all are on our hearts for ever. We may not remember veterans of big war and not the others as this consitute remember only a part of America, a part of his history. Instead we remember all and all…Read More

It matters, plain and simple. USMC Feb 1981-Feb 1985

Every one I knew seemed be heading to Vietnam. I lost Fiance in Helicopter crash I was 19 years old and I remember him to his day.
My brother served 2 tours not until his death 3 years ago did I know he was in Laos and Cambodia as well and came so close loosing…Read More

My Brother in Law was in Vietnam and being over there really changed him when he returned home. He has yet to talk about it but lives on with a happy life... thank God for returning him safe to us!

Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham Campaign leader

Please remember this U.S. Marine.