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Dk Collins

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End The Ban Of Pit Bull Type Breeds In Ontario, Canada

Dog owner, lover and now hopeful activist. I love all dogs and have had a great deal of experiences with them, good and bad. But out of so many dogs, i have been around pit bull's and other bull biding dog breeds of the 1800's-(present), and with a life of canine companionship I cannot understand why these dogs are being forced to suffer because of mistakes that horrible people have made. A pitbull in the family just passed away, she lived long and strong but had to be put down at is there some way that the last 10 years could have been different had she had proper medical treatment and access to everything other dogs have without limitation? The misinformed statistics of the previous decade have continued to narrow the opinions of people who have no choice but to listen, see, and be in fear now because they them selves have only been informed of the isolated incidences and statistics involving mistreated animals..not a breed specifically. This is my goal. This is my new campaign.

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Moniquis San

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End The Ban Of Pit Bull Type Breeds In Ontario, Canada

My pit bull is a rescue. She was very skinny and ill when I found her, and I truly believe she picked us to love her. She did require training, which I think should be mandatory for all dog owners. It helps build the pack, respect, and set boundaries. I love my pit bull, and I want to bring her home to Ontario one day...but the government won't let me. I love my Pitty more than anything and refuse to give her up. She is family, help her come home with me...sign the petition to drop the ban against Pit Bulls. Help me educate people that it is not the dog, but the responsibility of the dog owner to build boundaries, exercise your pet, and love them. Not ALL Pit Bulls are aggressive toward people. I made a promise to my dog, my family member. I am a responsible owner, don't penalize her for her breed. I would like to bring her home one me have that option. Sign the petition to drop the ban on Pit Bulls. Help me keep my family together. People need to be educated on Pit Bulls. Don't blame the breed...blame the owner!

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