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End Ecocide

Darwin was wrong. It's not 'the survival of the fittest', but 'the survival of the web of life'. Plants are not battling to gain supremacy, but to achieve harmony. (and all those gardeners who are thinking "what about the bind weed then?" I say to you, bind weed it seems is on a mission to remove and neutralise toxic metals in the soil, so no surprise that it is now apparently taking over our weed-killer infested gardens! ) We are thinking in terms of survival of the fittest because it suits our warring goals. We are still, as a people, being Consumer-tribal, thinking only/mostly of us, and what we can get from the Earth. And ecocide is the end result of our thoughts and actions. So here is our opportunity to expand our consciousness to include caring for everything and everyone, to go beyond the 'what can I get from you/this?' and step into the realm of connectedness to all beings. We can now move to asking 'How do I/we function within this eco-system?' and 'what do I/we have to offer?' We can now take the time to honour and respect the beauty of our connectedness with all life's earthly web.

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