Plato once said that music "is a more potent instrument than any other form of education". A recent study from the University of California supported the Greek philosopher's theory, demonstrating that music trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Second graders who were given music lessons scored 27% higher on proportional math and fractions tests than children who received no special instruction.

Despite the proven power of music, looming cuts to the federal education budget are forcing schools across the nation to make tough decisions about program funding; sadly, many are opting to cut the arts, especially music.

These across-the-board spending cuts are set to take effect in January of 2013 – unless we pressure our elected officials to make school music programs a priority, our children may lose a critical part of their education forever!

As John Sykes, President of VH1, says: "music education is critical to the product development of this nation's most important resource – our children." Sign the petition today to protect school music programs!

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