In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Animal Care and Control of New York City shelter system, with only two operating shelters in Manhattan and Brooklyn, must protect our lost, wounded and voiceless animals.

We ask that in the wake of this tragedy, while people are still collecting their lives, that there are NO AT-RISK List/ Kill Lists until a full recovery has occurred in New York. Parts of Staten Island and Queens are still disaster areas, and parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn remain without power. How can we sacrifice the voiceless during this time?

We understand that space is limited as are resources, but we beg the NYC ACC to halt all killings, unless a MEDICAL NECESSITY, until this city is back to where it was.

Here’s a bit of background on why I started this cause:
As an animal rights activist, it broke my heart years ago when I learned about the “To Be Destroyed” list at the Animal Care & Control of New York City. Healthy and adoptable animals are euthanized on a daily basis because of alleged space issues and numerous paperwork errors. Our shelters within New York City are severely underfunded and the Department of Health was once required to build shelters in all five boroughs, as currently there are only 3 in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, but denied this legal requirement for 10 years. The New York City Council, knowing that there is a massive issue with the shelter system, reversed the standing 10 year requirement on DOH, and just increased funding to go in to the shelter system, which does not create more space or a proper shelter in large boroughs like Queens and the Bronx. In addition to this, the former Executive Director Julie Bank stepped down last month after years of scandals and issues, which leaves this already incredibly disorganized system even worse.

After Hurricane Sandy hit, the shelters were overwhelmed, specifically since the two drop off locations were closed as was the Staten Island shelter. Computer systems were down, pets were lost and injured and our Animal Care and Control shelters were a joke. If we can’t rely on city-funded shelters in a time of crisis, when can we? I heard from AC&C volunteers that animals were still be euthanized, without the dreaded list, and no media was covering this issue. Rescue groups were standing up and helping day after day making sure that they saved as many animals as possible, and when the first TO BE DESTROYED list hit over a week after Hurricane Sandy, my heart broke. How do we do this to voiceless and innocent animals? How does a shelter with open spaces deem certain animals worthless? I created this cause and petition out of sheer frustration about the process and the lack of coverage on this issue. You can help by signing and sharing the petition and cause with everyone you know.

Thank you,
Concerned Citizens of New York City


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