Ashya King and family
I would like you to take a few minutes to think about and read about Ashya King. I and many others believe that what is being done to the parents of Ashya king is wrong and not justified at all. We call on the Uk government to stop this manhunt and allow the family to seek the…Read More

Leeds City Council have set in motion to reclassify all its homes affected by "The Bedroom Tax."

The Labour Party say they are opposed to the Bedroom Tax. There really is now NO excuse -…Read More

The petition submitted by Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party to Repeal the Welfare Reform Act 2012 has had the official government response :-

"As this e-petition has received more than 10 000 signatures, the relevant Government department have provided the following…Read More

"Riots. Racism. Food banks. Mass unemployment. Recession after recession. A lost generation. The bedroom tax. Cutting Disability Living…Read More

give people with disabilities/illnesses more rights

Some good news :-

Two people with mental health issues have persuaded a court that the governments Work Capability Assessment for Employment Support Allowance discriminates - BBC (

Sign to repeal the Welfare Reform Act…Read More

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