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Help First Candle Save The Lives Of Young Children

Did you know that the United States has one of the highest infant-mortality rates in the developed world—but commonly cited statistics oversimplify why so many don't make it to their first birthdays? Yes, it is true our babies are not making the ripe age of 1 or their very first birthday in this country! We must spread the word how important it is for before, during and after prenatal care to help with our babies well-being and health to live long adult lives in the United States! Please help me to reach my goal and if I get 10 people, we pray that at least 1 person will tell another person and so on! Thanks for your help in advance!

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Amia Franz

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Help First Candle Save The Lives Of Young Children

I hope you and your family and friends are enjoying the spring! Spring is the most beautiful time of year...for most all of us! My birthday is on the spring and I love it because every year when it comes around it reminds me of the beauty of miracle of the birth of all living things and how important it is! It is also important to God as he is the source of all life! I say this to say that the birth of a baby, cut short for any reason is never a celebration of life. It is the death of a precious human being, no matter what baby and an opportunity that person will never have to live. Life is a gift no matter what kind. A baby deserves to be born and those of us lucky enough to be born have a responsibility to allow this miracle to happen! As my grandmother always told one is guaranteed a perfect life and no matter what condition we come into this world we have a responsibility to God, ourselves and or community to go through life with the goal of being the best we can be. Anyone that says some births should be allowed and others should be stopped are depriving that person his right to be born and GOD"s right to bring that life into the world that is unique and precious in his site. This is my word and I invite you all to make it yours as well! LOVE, Amia

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