We have done a very positive job in lending our time to help this cause grow, and more importantly have such a huge impact in bringing awareness to a very important problem.

Please help by inviting as many of your friends as possible, and also please help get our donation totals up, even if…Read More


Thank you for joining this cause. As I said, I never imagined my small little cause would reach 40,000 strong. I imagined I would have 1,000 members and about 2-300$ donated.

I request that we can do two things to help us grow.

1. Regional Fundraisers - I would need ideas from members who…Read More

Hey guys I think youve all done a great job of joining but please remember we are not going to reach our goal with Me, being our only donor. Remember depending on how well we do I WILL MATCH IT. For ever $1000 I will donate $50. Lets keep up the good work and keep making this happen!

Congrats…Read More

Hi thank you for joining my cause to help starving children in India, please realize that in order to reach our goal,we need you to invite as many people as you can. This will help us grow faster.


Chiraag Kirpalani