Update on October 01, 2012

  • Update #12

I am calling upon you 12,545 wolf advocates to help save the Wyoming wolves. CALL TO ACTION!!!! WE NEED TO STOP TODAY'S WOLF HUNT IN WYOMING!! (10/1/12) I submitted two petitions to Stop the Wyoming Wolf Hunt with a total combined signature group of 58,000…Read More

Update on September 29, 2012

  • Update #11

We are well on our way to 15,000 signatures with 12,168 signatures. As soon as we get as close to 15,000 in the next few days, then I want to submit the petition to the targets since time is of the essence in this urgent wolf saving issue. Please sign, share…Read More

Update on September 28, 2012

  • Update #10

We have surpassed the goal of 10,000 signatures with 11,949 signatures. Let's still work hard to make the next milestone of 15,000, at which point I will send a cover letter to the targets, petition and signatures. Let's move quickly before a decision is…Read More

Update on September 23, 2012

  • Update #9

I am really happy to inform you we surpassed our goal of 10,000 signatures! We have reached 10,604 signatures. We are an incredible group of people who want to really help the Michigan wolves from being driven to extinction. I have some interesting…Read More

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