Blue whales are in trouble and Ocean Conservancy needs your help to save them!

This holiday season, you can give endangered blue whales a chance at recovery by donating to Ocean Conservancy.

Why do we need to protect blue whales today? Here are three good reasons:

1.  Despite their size, blue…Read More

Urgent action needed! California's legislature recently passed a bill banning the shark fin trade statewide, but that doesn't mean it's official yet. We need your help today to make sure Gov. Jerry Brown signs the bill into law.


If you live in California, don't let your governor miss this…Read More

It's Shark Week, and if you're watching the Discovery Channel programming, you've probably learned that while sharks can be ferocious, they're also in danger.

With over 70 million sharks killed each year to fuel a global demand for shark fins, an estimated 30 percent of open ocean sharks are…Read More


I couldn't imagine a better way to begin my time with Ocean Conservancy ( than by traveling to Alaska with the rest of our leadership team ( My love of nature has brought me to such diverse…Read More

Memorial Day weekend is coming up, which for many of us means it’s time to dig out our swimsuits from the depths of our closets and celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer. Will you be enjoying this weekend out on the water? ( If so, please consider taking our Good Mate…Read More

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