Our Easter Appeal

  • Update #42

As many of you know ( and supported us) the Beijing government forced us with just 30 days notice to close our shelter in June just before Yulin. Brave Mr Zhao and the volunteers moved nearly 400 dogs and cats at night to the neighbouring province of Hebei…Read More

Sharing some good news!

  • Update #39

 NoToDogMeathas had an incredible month. We have managed to raise funds to pay for over 500 life saving vaccinations for dogs rescued in China. And, though our trustee is still poorly, we were able to send a first food shipment ( thanks to your help) to Dogs…Read More

Rescued Tonight in China!

  • Update #38

Help end this !This poor soul was rescued tonight. The smuggler's truck 冀FE9437 was intercepted at tangshan city toll booth, Hebei providence China,  carrying over 500 dogs destined for slaughter.  Many stolen pets with collars on. It was boiling hot and the…Read More

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