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Angela Tovey

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Help End The Dog And Cat Meat Trade.

Dogs and cats are horrifically tortured because their torturers believe this makes the meat taste better. Imagine the agonising pain of being skinned alive, then boiled alive once skinned? You are forced to watch your buddy tortured and your muzzle is tied so you cannot bite to defend yourself and your screams are not heard. Is this needed? NO! This is evil at it's worse. Dogs are tortured for up to half an hour, beaten, strangled, skinned, boiled alive, stamped on and even cooked alive in a big cooking heat bag over a fire. Cats are put into a microwave oven alive and cooked alive!!!!! Do you are enough to help us end this barbaric cruelty? Can you, in all honesty just turn a blind eye and ignore the millions suffering this torture every year? I have cried a river, believe me, i have lost friends through the horrific pictures i've shown but all i care about is helping to end this barbaric, cruel, evil, and heartless torture forced upon these innocent animals, known only to us as our best friends. If enough of us don't care then things for these poor suffering innocent animals will never ever change will it? I still have nightmares, i still cry til my eyes are red, but give in, give up, never. That is not in my nature. Look into your dogs, or your cats eyes and imagine it were them. If they were just unlucky enough to be born in that industry of horrific torture. Do you not ever wonder if they are eating pets in this country? Well trust me they are, i have proved it AND SO HAVE THE DOCUMENTARY HORSE BANQUET! WHAT'S BEING DONE? NOTHING!!!!!!!!! SO WILL YOU HELP OR TURN A BLIND EYE? All i ask is for you to support us, to care, to sign every petition needed, and more if your able to. Tell your friends, your family and workmates. Warn them that dogs are being butchered and eaten in the UK for Chinese take-a-way and if they don't believe you tell them to check the newspaper< The Daily Mirror back in March 2013, or watch the documentary that was aired on BBC3 in Dec 2013 called Horse Banquet. Then they'll believe you. Thank you for reading this and if thank you for any support you may give. I will never give up on this issue until things change and dogs and cats are free from horrific torture. Are you with me? thank you so very much. <3

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Ginny O'Shea

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Help End The Dog And Cat Meat Trade.

Every society today is intelligent enough to understand the tremendous fear and suffering that these dogs and cats feel throughout this horrendous process! It's a conscious deliberate act that is NOT necessary. People can derive protein from many other sources. Beans, Soy, Tempeh, etc. Packing animals who are fully conscious into crates, terrifying them up until a painful horrible death which often means boiling them ALIVE, is unacceptable! Let's not close our eyes to this. Let's not let these animals down anymore! Sign the petition. Put YOUR mark on the change! Let's do this.

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