On October 1, 2012, it became legal to shoot, trap and gas Wyoming's 328 wolves throughout most of the state. Already more than 40 wolves have been killed. Please write an e-mail to Wyoming Governor Matt Mead asking for an end to the slaughter of Wyoming's gray wolves, and end this brutal extermination policy taking place in nearly 85 percent of the state. Wyoming's new law threatens the gray wolf recovery that is under way in the Northern Rockies—and even includes a dangerous loophole that would make it legal to kill wolves no matter how few remain. 

 Below is a sample letter for you to copy/paste into an e-mail; or you can write your own.  Thank you again for your support.  

 Governor Matt Mead's e-mail address is [email protected].

 Dear Governor Mead, I am writing to you today because I oppose Wyoming's wolf management plan, including the wolf extermination policy in the predator zone. I support wolf restoration in the Northern Rockies. The federal government has spent 17 years and millions of dollars to return wolves to the West, but Wyoming's new law combined with the delisting and hunting of wolves in Idaho and Montana threatens to undo the recovery that is under way. I urge you to develop a better plan for wolves that allows for their full recovery in the region, without the threat of shoot-on-sight killing in most of the state. Thank you.        

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