Erradicate exploitation and maltreation of tigers!

Conservation organizations charge that the tigers at the temple are not rescued wild tigers, but are obtained by illegally trading with black market tiger farms. They say the real purpose is making money, not helping tigers. The groups also criticize the Tiger Temple for interbreeding different subspecies of tigers, which they say violates conservation principles. Abuse of tigers at the temple has been reported by some visitors and volunteers. Some locals assert that the temple's stated goal of building a new sanctuary has been repeatedly put back as moving the tigers to a more natural environment would disrupt their ability to charge for photo opportunities with them. (SOURCE: Wikipedia,
I have written to WWF, CWI (careforthewild) and I will be writing to the Thai Authorities myself

1. To highlight the poor living conditions

2. Highlighting beatings, bad breeding practices, and possible drugging of the animals

3. please visit: They have done a report!



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