Many find the use of Native Americans as sports mascots as demeaning  offensive, and even racist. The fact that these descriptions are even associated with a mascot should be enough to change the mascot. However, Native American mascots have remained a mainstay in sports, from elementry scools to pro teams.

The Cleveland Indians are my favorite team. They are a team who's name I can't even say because some of my friends are Native Americans and find offensive. We talk about it, but I don't have a good answer to why I still yell "go Indians!" It doesn't feel good. 

Why should I be ashamed to cheer for my favorite team? It's time for Cleveland to admit their error and bring Ohio a Mascot that EVERYONE can cheer for. 

"How can we profess equality of all Americans, then mock the first Americans in our sports teams?"

Read the great article "Cleveland Indians' Mascot Must Go" where this quote came from.

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