The Military Voter Protection Project (MVP) has launched a new Heroes Vote Initiative to ensure that America’s service members have their voices heard in the upcoming presidential election. Due to the transitory nature of military life and the slow delivery process of absentee ballots, especially to war zones, military voters face significant challenges when attempting to cast their votes. This issue became glaringly apparent during the 2010 midterm elections when only 4.6 percent of military voters were able to cast a valid ballot, according to data from the Federal Election Assistance Commission.

The MOVE Act, which passed in Congress in 2009, aimed to protect the voting rights of American soldiers abroad by requiring states to allow a 45-day window for mail delivery of absentee ballots. However, many states failed to implement the law two years ago, once again costing our men and women in uniform their votes.

As November draws closer, MVP’s nationwide campaign is calling on the Voting Section of the Department of Justice to pressure states to comply with the MOVE Act and ensure that military absentee ballots are not lost in the mail, delivered too late, or never delivered at all. They are also rallying local military and veterans groups, as well as state and local election officials, to make military voters a priority. Sign the petition to tell the Voting Section of the Department of Justice to pressure state and county officials to enforce the MOVE act, giving military voters their rightful opportunity to participate in the upcoming presidential elections. Those who lay it on the line for us deserve to take part in the very democracy they fight to defend!

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