Update on March 27, 2012

  • Update #3

Only one pink slime plant is left standing! Beef Products Inc., the largest processor of pink slime, just announced it is shutting down 3 of its 4 plants. That means we halted the production of over 900,000 pounds of pink slime per day. Congratulations on…Read More

Update on March 26, 2012

  • Update #2

Thanks to continued public pressure and your help, Giant grocery store announced it will no longer sell beef containing pink slime! They have finally joined the ranks of other major supermarkets, including Kroger and Safeway, that have taken pink slime off…Read More

Update on March 21, 2012

  • Update #1

Thank you for signing the petition to Giant grocery store to remove pink slime from their shelves. Giant still has not responded to our petition so we must continue to press them. Tell your friends about this petition and let's hit our goal of 5,000…Read More