Study after study is revealing the harmful effects of eating red meat. From clogged arteries to diabetes to the national obesity crisis, it's becoming clear that red meat can actually kill us. Red meat is a high-saturated fat food that can increase risks for heart disease and has been linked to premature death. Replacing red meat with healthy foods rich in polyunsaturated fats can cut the risk of cardiovascular disease by 19%.

If your meals have traditionally revolved around an animal protein centerpiece, at first it can be challenging to go meatless. Check out the following resources for inspiration.

-Try a search on (, a food blog search engine with vegan and vegetarian search filters.
-Bookmark the Meatless Mondays site ( for frequently-updated meatless recipes, and articles and facts on cutting down on meat.
-Check out the Humane Society’s Meat-Free Meals guide ( for tips and a guide to eating out in restaurants, meat free.

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