BPA is everywhere. In your receipt at the gas station. In your kitchen cleaners. In your food cupboard and makeup case. And now, leading scientists have reason to believe BPA is putting you and your children in very real danger.

In various studies, BPA has been linked to endocrine disruptors, which imbalance your hormonal levels, causing havoc in your body. Decades of exposure could lead to breast cancer, infertility and more. It especially endangers newborns, which inherit much higher chances for sexual deformities, diabetes, obesity and worse.

However, the FDA’s current approach to the regulatory process discounts many credible studies in favor of privatized Big Chem data, despite the advice of its own scientific advisory board to include endocrinologist studies in their assessment of BPA. On March 30, 2012, the FDA denied the request to ban BPA from food and food packaging.

But this isn’t a subject we can afford to relent on. Join us in demanding the FDA protect American citizens from BPA and its potential to cause irreparable harm to future generations by taking the most current scientific studies into account. Without regulation, contact with BPA will become unavoidable and life threatening to millions.

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